Frequently asked questions



Please follow these policies to protect yourself and others from infection:

Do not come to the gym if you are sick or have symptoms of the flu.
-Wash your hands often
-Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze
-Disinfect and wipe any equipment you use
-Keep your distance to others
Find the right information about the situation – the THL website has up-to-date information about the spread of the virus and recommendations:



Do you provide loyal member benefits?

As a sign of gratitude for your loyalty, we have started a brand new Hukka Xpress Loyal Member Benefit system in May 2023. Read more.

Where can I view your membership terms?

Our membership terms and conditions are explained on the membership agreement page, where you’re also asked to aknowledge them as you join. You can also view them here.

Is there any way I could test your facilities?

You can try out our gyms anytime you like by buying a one-time visit! You’re provided with a day-specific door code, that gets you exercising in no time. The one time can be bought from our web shop: Hukka Xpress AlppilaRotuaariHeinäpää.

The price, €10, will be compensated to you in your membership fee after joining, if you choose to join Hukka Xpress within 14 days of visit.

Remember to bring a padlock with you, if you want to keep your bag in a locked cabinet during your exercise.

Everybody over 15 years of age are welcome to test our facilities!


Where can I get the membership card

New member: After joining, you will receive a receipt in your email with a 7-day access code to the centre you have purchased. Your membership card will be available for pick up at the Liikuntakeskus Hukka (Isokatu 99, 90120) after joining. Once you have collected your card, the access code will be deactivated, after which you will only be able to use your membership card to access the gym.

Returning member: Your old membership card will work immediately after you have joined. If you need a new membership card, please visit Liikuntakeskus Hukka (Isokatu 99 ,90120) to obtain your free membership card.

Remember to also check your spam folder.

Can I use exercise vouchers to pay for my membership?

You can pay for your subscription using special payment methods directly in the online shop if:

1. You have a Smartum Balance or ePassi
2. And your balance is sufficient to cover both the joining fee and the first month’s membership fee / annual membership
If you use another special payment method or if your balance is not sufficient to cover the first payment in full, pay for the membership and the first month of training first. After joining you can deposit special payments to your account to cover future payments. Please note that the processing time for sports benefits is two weeks.

Smartum, Sportpass/ePass, Eazybreak and Edenred balances, as well as Smartum sports/culture vouchers, Power vouchers and Tyky vouchers are all eligible for Hukka Xpress.

After a successful membership, you can use the sports benefits to make payments towards your future membership fees at Liikuntakeskus Hukka (Isokatu 99, 90120). You can also pay remotely by sending a receipt to

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Can I use sport vouchers to pay for a whole year in advance?

If your balance is not sufficient to cover the first payment in full, please join with a monthly membership first. After joining you can make a deposit to your account to cover future payments. Deposits can be made by logging in to your account on our main page.

ePassi and Smartum can be added directly to your account. For other payments (Eazybreak, Edenred, Tyky and Virike) please visit Liikuntakeskus Hukka (Isokatu 99, 90120) or send a copy of payment to Hukka to

I fell ill and still have still left some time in my fixed-term contract. Am I tied up for the whole year?

Although in fixed-term membership there is in principle no possibility for suspending membership, suspension due to pregnancy, military service and severe illness is possible. A suspension resulting from the above reasons can be refunded during the validity of your membership after the first 12 months of membership have been paid for. The refund will be made for any full months of suspension. A document for proof can be sent to

Check here, whether the Loyal Member Benefit system started in 2023 applies in your case.

What if I move out of Oulu during my membership?

Hukka Xpress membership can be cancelled before the expiry of the fixed-term contract if you move further than 75 kilometres from the centre of Oulu. The term of notice required is one calendar month. Send your notification complete with appendices to As proof, you can present a copy of your notification of change of address made to the Local Register Office and Posti, the rental agreement for your flat, or a certificate from your place of employment.

Can I rent my own membership and if so, how?

Hukka Xpress memberships cannot be rented or borrowed to other person. Misuse of membership or card can lead to losing the right to use the membership, immediate cancellation and/or 250€ fine.

Can I borrow the membership card to a friend when I don’t need it myself?

No. The membership and the card are personal, and they may not be borrowed to or used by anyone other than the person whose signature is in the contract. Misuse of membership or card can lead to losing the right to use the membership or immediate cancellation of membership.

How can I cancel the membership?

You can cancel your membership using this cancellation form. If you want to use e-mail, contact us at

Can I use all Hukka Xpress gyms?

If you wish, you can gain access to all Hukka Xpress gyms instead of just your designated gym, by paying an additional monthly fee as little as €9. You can upgrade your membership using this form.

Check here, whether the Loyal Member Benefit system started in 2023 applies in your case.

If you’ve joined Hukka Xpress before June 1st, 2021, you automatically have access to Hukka Xpress Rotuaari and Alppila.

Can I use Health Club Hukka as an Hukka Xpress member?

By showing your valid Hukka Xpress member card at Health Club Hukka’s reception, you are eligible for one day trial for 10 euros (normal price €20).

Some membership benefits, for example the use of Pikku-Hukka childcare services, online booking, and attending workshops and events, are restricted for one day trial members.

As a Hukka Xpress member you also have the option to upgrade your membership to Health Club Hukka for less than usual – read more here!

How to buy a membership?

You need a Finnish social security number and a bank account to join our gym. You can fill out the application at



Can I train with my client at Hukka?

The training services at Hukka Xpress are reserved for personal trainers employed by Hukka, and no other commercial training instruction is allowed at the gym.


Can I exercise at Hukka Xpress with my children?

If your children are older than 15 years of age and they have their own membership, they are more than welcome! Hukka Xpress is only for persons older than 15, and the membership is personal, so exercising with younger children is not possible. If you wish to bring the kids and perhaps get them to exercise a little, Health Club Hukka on Isokatu offers a free child care service for members. In addition, 8–15-year-olds are eligible for a HukkaJunior membership.

Do you have infrared or Finnish sauna in the centres?

The gyms of Hukka Xpress have brand new shower and washing rooms as well as comfortable dressing rooms, but as we choose to focus on the essential, we do not provide infrared saunas or Finnish saunas for our customers.

I left my shoes to the gym, where should I look for it?

Hukka Xpress Alppila has a lost and found cabinet in the lobby. From this cabinet all lost and found items are delivered to the Office for lost and found items for the Oulu Region, on a weekly basis, so if you lost your item more than a week ago, please enquire at!