Frequently asked questions


Is there any way I could test your facilities?

You can try out our gyms anytime you like by buying a one-time visit! You’re provided with a day-specific door code, that gets you exercising in no time. The one time can be bought from our web shop: Hukka Xpress AlppilaRotuaariHeinäpää.

If you choose to join Hukka Xpress within 14 days of your visit, the price of 10 € will be compensated to you in your membership fee after joining.

Remember to bring a padlock with you, if you want to keep your bag in a locked cabinet during your exercise.

Everybody over 15 years of age are welcome to test our facilities!


How to buy a membership?

Hukka Xpress memberships require 15 years of age. All our pay-per-month memberships use the e-invoice system and thus require a Finnish personal number and a valid Finnish ID. If you don’t have them and want to join, we suggest our prepaid deals.

Buy your membership here!


30-day satisfaction quarantee

Did the gym not meet your expectations? You always get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for your fixed-term membership. You can cancel your membership within 30 days of the purchase by filling out this form, and your membership will be terminated immediately. Please note that the subscription fee and monthly fee paid in advance are not refunded.

Where can I view your membership terms?

Our membership terms and conditions are explained on the membership agreement page, where you’re also asked to aknowledge them as you join. You can also view them here.

Membership of a minor

The age limit for Hukka Xpress is 15 years.
We require the guardian’s consent from all minors. The guardian’s information is filled in upon joining.

If the young person does not have their own online banking credentials, you can make the young person’s membership with the guardian’s credentials as well.

Where can I get the membership card?

New member: After joining, you will receive a receipt in your email with a 7-day access code to the centre you have purchased. Your membership card will be available for pick up at the Health Club Hukka (Isokatu 99, 90120 Oulu) after joining. Once you have collected your card, the access code will be deactivated, after which you will only be able to use your membership card to access the gym.

Returning member: Your old membership card will work immediately after you have joined. If you need a new membership card, please visit Liikuntakeskus Hukka (Isokatu 99, 90120) to obtain your free membership card.

Remember to also check your spam folder.

Lost membership card

A lost membership card must be reported to us immediately at You cannot train without a membership card.

Lost and found Hukka Xpress membership cards are delivered to Health Club Hukka’s reception (Isokatu 99, 90120).

We charge 5 euros for a new membership card. Check here the effect of the loyalty system that started in 2023.

What if I move out of Oulu during my membership?

Hukka Xpress membership can be cancelled before the expiry of the fixed-term contract if you move further than 75 kilometres from the centre of Oulu. The term of notice required is one calendar month. Send your notification complete with appendices using this form. As proof, you can present a copy of your notification of change of address to the Local Register Office and Posti, the rental agreement for your flat, or a certificate from your place of employment.

Can I take my child with me to Hukka Xpress?

If your children are over 15 and have their own membership, we welcome them! Hukka Xpress is only intended for people over 15 years old, and the membership is personal, so exercising with children younger than that is not possible in the gym.

If you want to exercise with children, Health Club Hukka membership includes free child care. In addition, 8-14 year olds have their own HukkaJuniori membership.

Pausing of membership

In principle, Hukka Xpress memberships cannot be paused. A pause due to pregnancy, military service, serious illness or sick leave lasting more than 14 days is nevertheless possible. You can request suspension of membership by filling out this form.

Check here the effect of the loyalty system that started in 2023 to your advantage.

How can I cancel the membership?

You can change, update or cancel your membership with this form.

Failure to pay the invoice does not replace the membership termination notice and does not remove the obligation to pay. To terminate membership, a written notice of termination is always required using the form linked above.

Please remember that the Hukka Xpress membership has a notice period of one calendar month. Membership terminated this month will therefore expire at the end of the next month.

Any questions? Send us a message via the form on the contact page.

Billing and membership fees

Joining with sport vouchers (Smartum, e-Passi, etc.)

You can pay for your membership using special payment methods directly in the online shop if:

1. You have a Smartum Saldo or ePassi
2. And your balance is sufficient to cover both the joining fee and the first month’s membership fee / annual membership

If you use another special payment method or if your balance is not sufficient to cover the first payment in full, pay for the membership and the first month of training first. After joining you can deposit special payments to your account to cover future payments. Please note that the processing time for sports vouchers is two weeks.

Smartum, Sportpass/ePass, Edenred balances, as well as Smartum sports/culture vouchers, Power vouchers and Tyky vouchers are all eligible for Hukka Xpress.

After joining successfully, you can use the sports benefits to make payments towards your future membership fees. Read more on the question below.

Paying for a current membership with an exercise benefit

Payment via logging in to your account: Smartum and ePassi are used as payment methods on our website. You can log in from the Login button on the webpage navigation.

If you don’t have a username yet, press Forgot password.

After logging in, on the right side of the page, under User information, you will find the text: load balance and you can load the desired amount into your account. We recommend downloading the membership fee for several months at once.

Paying remotely: Send your payment to Liikuntakeskus Hukka and we will apply it to your Hukka Xpress membership fees. Send us a receipt/screenshot of your payment to Please note that our processing time is 14 days. We recommend avoiding monthly payments and recommend paying for several months at once.

Paying on-site: You can also pay for your future membership fees with the sport vouchers at Liikuntakeskus Hukka’s reception (Isokatu 99, 90120) (Note the 14-day processing time).

Please note, membership fees that are already open cannot be paid with the exercise benefit, but are allocated to future payments.


E-invoice & monthly billing

We recommend activating the e-invoice immediately after joining, this way you avoid the 5 euro invoicing surcharge. In order to receive your membership fee as an e-invoice, you must accept Hukka Oy as an e-invoicer for your bank account. Select e-invoice in the online bank and search for Hukka Oy or Liikuntakeskus Hukka as the invoicer. Your membership card number serves as an identifier.

Change in billing method

If you wish, you can change your billing to an annual fee or a monthly bill. Contact

Debt collection

Cash-In Consulting is responsible for the debt collection of Hukka Oy. For debt collection invoices, please contact Cash-In Consulting directly:

Please note that failure to pay the invoice does not replace the membership termination notice and does not remove the obligation to pay.


Do you provide loyal member benefits?

As a thank you for your commitment, we have launched a new loyalty system for Hukka Xpress members in May 2023. You will receive your first loyal member benefits after your membership has lasted continuously for one year. With a five-year membership, you get even more loyalty benefits. Read more.

As a Hukka Xpress member, you also get valuable benefits from our many different partners. See Hukka Recommends! benefits here (in Finnish).

Can I use all Hukka Xpress gyms?

If you wish, you can gain access to all Hukka Xpress gyms instead of just your designated gym, by paying an additional monthly fee as little as 9 €. You can upgrade your membership using this form.

Check here to see, whether the Loyal Member Benefit system started in 2023 applies in your case.

If you’ve joined Hukka Xpress before June 1st, 2021, you automatically have access to Hukka Xpress Rotuaari and Alppila.

How can I change my home gym?

You can change your home gym with this form. We charge a service fee of 9 euros for the change of home gym. You will receive a confirmation in your e-mail when the change has been made.

Check here to see the effect of the Loyal member benefit system on changing the home gym.

Can I use Health Club Hukka's services as an Hukka Xpress member?

By showing your valid Hukka Xpress member card at Health Club Hukka’s reception, you are eligible for one day visit for 10 euros (normal price 20 €).

Some membership benefits, for example the use of Pikku-Hukka childcare services, online booking, and attending workshops and events, are restricted for one day visitors.

As a Hukka Xpress member you also have the option to upgrade your membership to Health Club Hukka for less than usual – read more here!

Renting, transferring or borrowing a membership card

The Hukka Xpress membership and membership card are personal and cannot be rented, borrowed or used by anyone other than the person who signed the contract. Possible abuses result in a penalty of 250 euros and a possible ban on membership or immediate termination of membership.

Can I train with my client at Hukka Xpress?

Hukka Xpress personal training services are reserved for Hukka Xpress personal trainers only and no other personal training service is allowed.

If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer at Hukka Xpress, you can send us an email to for more information.

Do you have infrared or Finnish sauna in the centres?

The gyms of Hukka Xpress have shower and washing rooms as well as comfortable dressing rooms. We do not provide infrared saunas or Finnish saunas for our customers.


Guidelines for taking photos and videos

At Hukka Xpress gyms, you can take photos and videos for personal use. However, please be mindful of others and do not photograph or record other people without their consent. This also applies to individuals who may appear in the background. Additionally, avoid taking photos or videos in changing rooms and shower areas.

To take photos or videos for marketing materials or commercial collaborations with other companies, you need a separate permission. For more information, please contact

I am a trainer, can I create content in the gyms?

Creating content for the purpose of selling or promoting training services is only allowed for Hukka Xpress trainers. However, Hukka Xpress facilities can be rented for producing training materials or similar content under a separate agreement at a daily/hourly rate. For more information, please contact

Other questions

When is the best time to train if you want to train in peace?

According to our experience, Hukka Xpress gyms have the most peaceful training times during the day from 5 a.m. to 4 p.m. and at night from midnight to 5 a.m. Of the weekdays, Thursdays and Fridays are quieter in the gym. The gyms are busiest from Monday to Wednesday from 17:00 to 20:00.


Safety at Hukka Xpresses is important to us.

In all of our centers, you can find initial extinguishing equipment and call buttons for the security guard.

The security company PoKo makes surveillance rounds and checks membership cards. Please prove your identity when asked.

Storage of goods

At Hukka Xpresses, you can find lockable lockers in the dressing rooms, for which you need your own padlock. The thickness of the padlock handle should be 6-8 mm. The collar of the lock must not be thinner than 6 mm, otherwise the lock will not work properly.

Please empty your locker after training for the next user.
We periodically empty the cabinets that have been locked for a long time and deliver them to the lost goods office

Hukka Xpress is not responsible for the member’s personal property.

Found goods

Hukka Xpress centers have lost and found boxes in the lobbies. We deliver found goods monthly to the found goods services of PPLP: