Membership at Hukka Xpress

Join before 1st of June and get access to both Hukka Xpress Alppila and Hukka Xpress Rotuaari with one price – only 18 €/month!  Read more info here.

Xpress membership card now also gives you Hukka recommends! -discounts around Oulu city.

The praised price-quality-comparison of Hukka Xpress is based on our absolute commitment to keeping these promises:

Trustworthy: The 40 years of experience of Hukka as a provider of high-class sport services guarantee you a very functional experience at the gym, whether you choose Hukka Xpress in Alppila or Hukka Xpress in Rotuaari, which will be opened at the beginning of 2018 in the centre of Oulu.

Fast: The rooms are planned so that you can easily use the shower and dressing rooms and you find your way to your training quickly. If you only have time for a quick training on your lunch break or after work, you can, if necessary, go directly to the gym without visiting the dressing rooms at all.

Well equipped: The equipment and rooms of Hukka Xpress are high-class and always maintained carefully. Virtual cycling completes your gym training and the professional trainers of Hukka offer their support for your training from gym programs up to training in small groups and long-term individual training.

Flexible: Hukka Xpress gyms are open 24 h a day on seven days of the week, so you can have your training whenever you want.

Affordable: Hukka Xpress provides the lowest membership price 18 €/month for 24h gyms in Oulu (with your valid OKKL Sporttipassi you can join the gym to a yet cheaper price of just 15 €/month). All the memberships of Hukka Xpress start with a temporary validity period and continue from that on with a permanent agreement with term of notice of one month. Download pricelist!

See frequently asked questions about the Xpress membership!


1 gym All gyms
12 months fixed membership  €18 €27
ongoing membership €27 €36
one year, single payment €216 €324
OKKL Sporttipassi* –€5/mo  –€5/mo
one-time visit €10

*A valid OKKL Sporttipassi has to be presented after joining in order to get the discount. If you choose the 12 month membership, we’ll also refund you your joining fee. In the case of overpayment, you will be refunded in full in your monthly payments. The contract between Hukka Xpress and OKKL is ending Aug 31st 2022, and Sporttipassi discount is scheduled to end after that.

Download the pricelist in pdf format