Hukka Xpress member: upgrade your workout to a new level!

Do you sometimes hope you could have some more versatility in your workout, personnel that’s always on site and there for you, more space or a refreshing sauna bath after your training?

The Health Club Hukka is based on the same ambitious quality thinking that you know from your own Hukka Xpress gyms, but offers so much more it’s baffling: about 80 hours a week of instructor-led group excercise, over 10 000 square meters for indoor sports, racket sports (tennis, badminton, squash, pickleball, street basketball, table tennis) and a functional training studio as well as a 1600 square meter gym.

Liikuntakeskus Hukka ryhmäliikunta
Liikuntakeskus Hukka Kahvila Hukka aulassa

And that’s not the end of your perks. You get to take advantage of the spacious estates for freshing up and recovery with traditional and ip saunas, cozy Café Hukka with its salad bar and other delicacies, workout marathons and other specially themed classes, member events, activating Pikku-Hukka childcare service and much more. There’s personnel always there for you during the opening hours, and you can even borrow a Fatbike for exporing the surrounding grounds. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate at Café Hukka are always free for you when you’re a member at us!

If you’re pondering whether all this is a good enough reason to give up your tried and true Hukka Xpress gym, you can stop right there. That’s because you don’t have to give up anything, since the membership at Health Club Hukka includes full use rights to not only one, but all Hukka Xpress gyms (value: 40 € per month)!

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As a Hukka Xpress member, you’re eligible to a unique upgrading discount when you move your membership to Health Club Hukka: you won’t be charged the joining fee, and you will excercise til the end of your joining month at Health Club Hukka for your Hukka Xpress price. You also won’t need to worry about terminating your Hukka Xpress membership or updating your e-invoice, that’s all taken care of for you.

Health Club Hukka also has a month-to-month membership, but if you wish you can maximise your savings by signing a one-year contract and utilise the current joining discount – in addition to your upgrading discount mentioned before. Also remember Hukka’s student membership!

Liikuntakeskus Hukka palloilu
Liikuntakeskus Hukka tyytyväisyystakuu

If you’re still unsure about the commitment, we would like to remind you that Health Club Hukka’s 12 days 100% money-back guarantee includes former Hukka Xpress members too. This means that if you find out during those 12 days that Health Club Hukka wasn’t your thing after all, you will be fully compensated, and your Hukka Xpress membership is returned back to its former status.

Upgrading your Hukka Xpress membership to Health Club Hukka is really easy: you only need to call or email our service advisors or book an appointment with them, and you’ll be a happy Health Club Hukka member in no time!