Personal Training

There’s many good reasons to start working with the help of a personal trainer. If you’re a beginner, PT guides you how to use the gym equipment safely and in a technically correct manner. PT can also help you achieve your lifestyle change, grow your muscle or strength, and enhance your physique for your specific sport. You can use our PT services even if you are not a member of Hukka Xpress. You get to train at Hukka Xpress together with a coach at no additional cost!

Get to know the personal trainers at our gyms below and reserve yourself a free training consultation, if you need help achieving your goals!

Heidi Tiilikainen

Personal Trainer


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Heidi Tiilikainen
p. 040 839 42 98
Personal Trainer Heidi Tiilikainen

Educational background:

  • Personal Trainer, Trainer4You
  • Gym Instructor, Trainer4You

Samuli Koivuniemi

Personal Trainer


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Samuli Koivuniemi
p. 045 674 7628

Educational background:

  • Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration
  • Personal trainer (Trainer 4you)
  • Nutrition coach (Trainer 4you)
  • Next Coaching Power & Performance Coach
  • Lots of intensive courses or training e.g. weightlifting, bodyweight training and mobility training
  • Swimming teacher
  • The Next Coaching Power & Performance Coach
  • Personal trainer (Spartan, ongoing)
  • Several shorter workshops and trainings eg: weight lifting, functional and body weight training

Kristiina Kylmäoja

Personal Trainer


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Kristiina Kylmäoja
p. 044 998 5906
Pt Kristiina Kylmäoja
Additional info on my website!

Educational background:

  • Personal Trainer (Trainer4you)
  • Basic health science studies (Open University of Oulu)
  • Basic studies in public health science (Open University of Tampere) (ongoing)

Mikko Gröhn

Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist

Rotuaari Alppila

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Mikko Gröhn
p. 040-8604656

Educational background:

  • Personal Trainer (Trainer4You)
  • Physiotherapist (AMK)
  • Trained masseur
  • TRX-suspension trainer
  • Short trainings with physiotherapy work support
  • Online trainings for coaching work

Noora Hakanen

Personal Trainer


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Noora Hakanen

Noora Hakanen
p. 040 1660 573


  • Personal Trainer (august 2022, Intensive PT)
  • Basic studies in public health science (ongoing)
  • Physiotherapist (ongoing)
  • Psychic coach (estimated completion September 2023, Peltonen Performance)

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Small group personal training

Our small group personal training programmes are ideal for those who wish to get the benefits of a personal trainer but are happy to train in a small group. Watch this space for information about the small group personal training programmes running in the near future.

Small group personal training programme for burning fat at Hukka Xpress Alppila from 9th of September onwards. Read more (in Finnish)!


Small group personal training programmes for businesses (B2B)

Would you like to boost the general health and well-being of your staff? Doing something together as a group is proven to encourage team spirit at the workplace and regular exercise is shown to reduce stress, combat fatigue, improve performance and lead to fewer workday absences.

Let us help you and your team feel healthier, more energetic and more productive – our B2B personal training programme is the perfect solution for businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes. The B2B personal training programme is tailored to meet the needs of your business and is guaranteed to boost the fitness and energy levels of your staff. We will meet your team once a week for an instructed personal training session, and participants will also have the benefit of gym membership with unlimited access to the gym for the duration of the programme.

Who is the B2B programme suitable for?

The programme is suitable for everyone, regardless of their fitness level, sports background or individual goals. All you need to do is gather your team together and we will tailor the sessions to meet your needs. Bring along your colleagues, top management, your most important business partners or the people within your organisation who feel like they could benefit from more exercise. The B2B programme is proven to bring results, and working out together is not just motivating but also a lot of fun. When your staff members feel well both physically and mentally, they will be more invested in the success of your business.

Some examples of the elements that can be included in the programme

  • How exercise improves your quality of life
  • A pain-free back
  • Get the team off to a flying start with breakfast training
  • Mobility and muscle toning
  • Team building through team training
  • Endurance and fitness with HIIT training

Prices start from 79€ / month / person (VAT 0%), including Hukka Xpress gym membership for the duration of the programme, or 95€ / session / person (VAT 0%).

Please get in touch and let us tailor the perfect training programme for your team: / +358 40 126 4543.

“The morning workouts with the rest of the team have been an excellent way to start the work day! The training programme has been designed to fit everyone’s needs, although our fitness levels vary considerably within the team. The programme has been versatile and I’ve really noticed the benefits. Working out together has had a positive impact on our work community over all.”
– Aleksanteri Pyrrö, Netplaza

“The pharmacy I work at offered a gym membership as an employee benefit to all staff members, which really put me on a path to better fitness. Knowing that my employer is supportive of my gym hobby gives me motivation to exercise regularly. Once you get into the habit, working out becomes more goal-oriented and you start to see the perks of looking after yourself.”
– Jaana, Rotuarin apteekki

Are you a qualified PT looking to use our facilities?

Only personal trainers with a Hukka Xpress PT membership are allowed to use our gym facilities for guiding and assisting clients. Therefore, our facilities cannot be used to provide personal training services unless it has been agreed with the management.

Are you a qualified PT looking to use a well-equipped, first-rate gym that is open 24 hours a day in order to run your business? Would you like to tap into our customer base of thousands of gym enthusiasts interested in fitness and well-being?  The Hukka Xpress PT membership might be the answer you are looking for!

If this something you are interested in, please send your motivation letter to: