Personal Training

Mari Kukkonen

Gym and Coaching Supervisor

Rotuaari Alppila

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Mari Kukkonen

“I’ll start a new life tomorrow… Or next Monday…” How about we got it started today? Whether you are after a more active lifestyle, a healthier body, a stronger physique, a more effective technique, better results or simply want to look fit, I’m here for you.

Let’s establish what your goals are and start the journey towards the destination together. We can make your dreams a reality by creating an individual plan that has your workout routine, restorative exercises, diet and rest all in perfect balance. I will be there by your side to support, encourage and motivate you. We can do it, You can do it!

I enjoy doing a variety of exercises, but gym is where you will find me most often and powerlifting is especially close to my heart. I love learning and educating myself further – I’m always up for trying something new. Because I’m keen on learning, I’m able to share my knowledge with clients and help them get the most out of the training experience. I always challenge both myself and my customers to take that extra step, bringing the dream a little closer every time.

In my spare time I often take my dogs out for a walk in the woods and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of being outdoors. In between working and exercising I also spend time with my husband and three children – and I guess it goes without saying that I’m good at scheduling and delegating!

Please get in touch or come and talk to me so that we can get to work.

Mari Kukkonen
tel. 08 4152 2026

Educational background

  • Practical Nurse (OSAO)
  • Massage Therapist (OAKK)
  • Further Vocational Qualification in Physical Education and Coaching
  • FISAF Gym Instructor, FISAF Personal Trainer (Virpiniemi Sports Institute)
  • Heavy Events Trainer Powerlifting Coach
  • Qualified Kettlebell Instructor
  • In addition I have attended various workshops on nutrition, training methods, bodyweight training, etc.

Minja Ikonen

Physiotherapist & PT


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Minja Ikonen

Do your shoulders give you grief? Have you got back aches, neck pain or sore knees? Would you like some help to get you started on a gym routine, improve your quality of life or get better results from exercising? My total focus will be to improve your well-being and quality of life. Together we’ll make sure that you use the correct technique when working out and learn that recovering is an essential part of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Being a qualified physiotherapist and personal trainer, I’ll be able to give you clear instructions for rehabilitative and effective exercise routine that can be used both at the gym and at home. I’ll encourage and support you as you make lifestyle changes that will last for good. Whether you’re a beginner or have been working out for a long time, together we’ll find the methods that feel right for you and bring results.

Minja Ikonen
tel. +358 44 521 2964

Educational background

  • Physiotherapist (Bachelor of Health Care)
  • Personal Trainer (Trainer4You)

Additional training in sports physiotherapy:

  • Basic Course in Sports Physiotherapy
  • Athlete’s Neck, Shoulders and the Shoulder Area
  • Athlete’s Knees, Ankles and Feet
  • Athlete’s Lumbar, Waist and Hips
  • Athlete’s Training Load Physiology and Healing Processes

Further training:

  • Optimal Performance, Optimal Training Seminar 1&2
  • Personal Trainer Academy: Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Introduction to Coaching Psychology (University of Applied Sciences)

I’m always looking to advance my knowledge and areas of expertise by attending further training.

Anna Ruostepuro

Personal Trainer


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Anna Ruostepuro

Anna Ruostepuro
p. 040 542 6126

Educational background

  • Personal Trainer (Trainer4You)
  • Gym and wellness coach
  • SPNL weightlifting coach, level 1

Aleksandra Jylhänniska

Personal Trainer


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Aleksandra Jylhänniska

Aleksanda Jylhänniska
p. 040 359 4340

Educational background

  • Personal Trainer (Trainer4You)
  • Psychic coach (Trainer4You)

Hukka Xpress AlppilaHukka Xpress Rotuaari


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Small group personal training

Our small group personal training programmes are ideal for those who wish to get the benefits of a personal trainer but are happy to train in a small group. Watch this space for information about the small group personal training programmes running in the near future.

Small group personal training programme for burning fat at Hukka Xpress Alppila from 9th of September onwards. Read more (in Finnish)!


Small group personal training programmes for businesses (B2B)

Would you like to boost the general health and well-being of your staff? Doing something together as a group is proven to encourage team spirit at the workplace and regular exercise is shown to reduce stress, combat fatigue, improve performance and lead to fewer workday absences.

Let us help you and your team feel healthier, more energetic and more productive – our B2B personal training programme is the perfect solution for businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes. The B2B personal training programme is tailored to meet the needs of your business and is guaranteed to boost the fitness and energy levels of your staff. We will meet your team once a week for an instructed personal training session, and participants will also have the benefit of gym membership with unlimited access to the gym for the duration of the programme.

Who is the B2B programme suitable for?

The programme is suitable for everyone, regardless of their fitness level, sports background or individual goals. All you need to do is gather your team together and we will tailor the sessions to meet your needs. Bring along your colleagues, top management, your most important business partners or the people within your organisation who feel like they could benefit from more exercise. The B2B programme is proven to bring results, and working out together is not just motivating but also a lot of fun. When your staff members feel well both physically and mentally, they will be more invested in the success of your business.

Some examples of the elements that can be included in the programme

  • How exercise improves your quality of life
  • A pain-free back
  • Get the team off to a flying start with breakfast training
  • Mobility and muscle toning
  • Team building through team training
  • Endurance and fitness with HIIT training

Prices start from 79€ / month / person (VAT 0%), including Hukka Xpress gym membership for the duration of the programme, or 95€ / session / person (VAT 0%).

Please get in touch and let us tailor the perfect training programme for your team: / +358 40 126 4543.

“The morning workouts with the rest of the team have been an excellent way to start the work day! The training programme has been designed to fit everyone’s needs, although our fitness levels vary considerably within the team. The programme has been versatile and I’ve really noticed the benefits. Working out together has had a positive impact on our work community over all.”
– Aleksanteri Pyrrö, Netplaza

“The pharmacy I work at offered a gym membership as an employee benefit to all staff members, which really put me on a path to better fitness. Knowing that my employer is supportive of my gym hobby gives me motivation to exercise regularly. Once you get into the habit, working out becomes more goal-oriented and you start to see the perks of looking after yourself.”
– Jaana, Rotuarin apteekki

Another great way to support the well-being of your employees is to pay for their Hukka Xpress membership fees (either in whole or in part). For more information about this option, please contact:

Under the Finnish law, ordinary and reasonable voluntary physical or cultural activities offered by the employer are prescribed as a tax-exempt benefit (946/2008), and therefore you can deduct up to 400 euros per year per employee from any costs accrued. Thus, you can take advantage of this tax benefit and pay for your staff members to attend the gym, the training programmes or both. 

Are you a qualified PT looking to use our facilities?

Only personal trainers with a Hukka Xpress PT membership are allowed to use our gym facilities for guiding and assisting clients. Therefore, our facilities cannot be used to provide personal training services unless it has been agreed with the management.

Are you a qualified PT looking to use a well-equipped, first-rate gym that is open 24 hours a day in order to run your business? Would you like to tap into our customer base of thousands of gym enthusiasts interested in fitness and well-being?  The Hukka Xpress PT membership might be the answer you are looking for!

If this something you are interested in, please send your motivation letter to: