We are excited to announce that have just opened a third Hukka Xpress -gym! The new Hukka Xpress is located in Heinäpää, Isokatu 99, in the same building with Liikuntakeskus Hukka! Hukka Xpress Heinäpää continues to offer the same excellent gym experience with great quality/price ratio, which has been praised by our members from Hukka Xpress Alppila and Rotuaari – as well as something completely new!

In addition for previous Hukka Xpress -gyms Hukka Xpress Heinäpää’s equipments and space have been optimized for functional and performance training. Equipments have been selected together with different sports trainers and top athletes. From Hukka Xpress Heinäpää you can find everything you need to develop your power, speed, mobility or performance – whether you train for exercise or competition.

Like all our Hukka Xpress -gyms Hukka Xpress Heinäpää is well-equipped and spacious. From open workout area you can find a  many-sided frame with five weightlifting places, monkey bars and wall ball targets with wide range of bars and plates. Large free weights area is complemented with quality equipments from Hammer Strength and Life Fitness, which are familiar from our previous Hukka Xpress -gyms

Most importantly, Hukka Xpress Heinäpää is open 24 hours a day every day of the week, enabling you to do your training whenever suits you the best. Hukka trainers give support for your fitness goals with a full range of services from gym programmes to long-term individual coaching.

All this is available to you for the old Hukka Xpress price of €18/month! As current member of Hukka Xpress you can add access to Xpress Heinäpää for your membership for additional 9 € /month.

A few picks of what we offer:

  • Open for the members 24/7
  • High-quality equipments selected by professional trainers and -athletes
  • Functional and CrossFit-featured apparatus
  • Large open area for functional and free weights training
  • Warm-up equipments to support functional training
  • A track of 20 meters for pushing the slide
  • Separate area for stretching and bodyweight training
  • Five weightlifting platforms
  • Wide range of bars, plates and kettlebells
  • Quality bench presses and dumbbells

Join now!

In case you already are a member of Health Club Hukka, see more (in Finnish) here.

To become a Hukka Xpress Heinäpää member you must be at least 15 years old. For the age group 8–15 we recommend the HukkaJuniori membership at Health Club Hukka.

12 mo Xpress membership

18,00 €/mo
12 months fixed term
Joining fee 18 €

Join now without joining fee and save 18 €! 

12-month contract, membership fee only €18/month! 

After a fixed-term period of 12 months, the contract continues as permanent.

12 mo single payment

(18,00 €/mo)
12 months prepaid
Joining fee 0 €

Pay the whole year at once and get one month for free! 

12-month contract for lump sum (€216), save the €18 joining fee!

At the expiry of the contract, it is up to you to decide if you wish to continue by paying the lump sum for another 12 months or if you prefer the monthly fee of €18 for a permanent contract.

Enter the code Sportsvoucher (for Alppila), SportsvoucherR (for Rotuaari) or SportvoucherH (for Heinäpää) to pay any portion of the lump sum with your valid exercise vouchers, exercise cards or exercise card balance.

Small-group training programmes

This is the site for information on small-group training programmes at Hukka Xpress Heinäpää. Read about the training services of Hukka Xpress!

Photos and videos

For more photos and videos, visit the Hukka Xpress Facebook site!