Hukka Xpress Heinäpää 24/7

Hukka Xpress Heinäpää differs from our other gyms in that it is designed to provide a great setting for functional and performance-enhancing training. Hukka Xpress Heinäpää’s equipment and equipment selections have been made to specifically support functional training. The gym is also suitable for sports clubs. Membership from just 22 €/month!

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Address: Harjapuistontie, 90120 Oulu

Hukka Xpress Heinäpää’s equipments and space have been optimized for functional and performance training. Equipments have been selected together with different sports trainers and top athletes. From Hukka Xpress Heinäpää you can find everything you need to develop your power, speed, mobility or performance – whether you train for exercise or competition.

Like all our Hukka Xpress gyms Hukka Xpress Heinäpää is well-equipped and spacious. From open workout area you can find a many-sided frame with five weightlifting places, monkey bars and wall ball targets with wide range of bars and plates. Large free weights area is complemented with quality equipments from Hammer Strength and Life Fitness.

Most importantly, Hukka Xpress Heinäpää is open 24 hours a day every day of the week, enabling you to do your training whenever suits you the best. Hukka Xpress’s personal trainers give support for your fitness goals with a full range of services from gym programmes to long-term individual coaching.

All this is available to you for the price of 22 €/month! You can also get access to all Hukka Xpress gyms for additional 9 €/month.

Hukka Xpress Heinäpää Oulu

A few picks of what we offer:

  • Open for the members 24/7
  • High-quality equipments selected by professional trainers and athletes
  • Functional and CrossFit-featured apparatus
  • Large open area for functional and free weights training
  • Warm-up equipments to support functional training
  • A track of 20 meters for pushing the slide
  • Separate area for stretching and bodyweight training
  • Five weightlifting platforms
  • Wide range of bars, plates and kettlebells
  • Quality bench presses and dumbbells

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Get to know your new gym without a rush! You always get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for your fixed-term membership. Hukka Xpress memberships require 15 years of age. All our pay-per-month memberships use the e-invoice system and thus require a Finnish personal number and a valid Finnish ID. If you don’t have them and want to join, we suggest our prepaid deals.

12 month membership

22 €/month or 264 €/year
Joining fee 22 €
12 month contract
Access to one gym of your choice

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Month-to-month membership

31 €/month
Joining fee 22 €
No fixed term
Access to one gym of your choice

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All gyms membership

Month-to-month membership 40 €/month or
12 month membership 31 €/month
Joining fee 22 €
Access to all Hukka Xpress gyms

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Try out Hukka Xpress Heinäpää whenever you like, for a 10 € fixed price – if you join in 14 days after your visit, we’ll compensate the 10 € in your membership fees.

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Team-wide reservations, Hukka Xpress Heinäpää


  • 17.00 OLS Liiga miehet (60 min)
  • 19.00 SS Rankat Ankat (60 min)


  • 16.00 AC Oulu Talents (60 min)
  • 17.45 AC Oulu U17 (60 min)


  • 18.15 AC Oulu Reservi (60 min)





Experiences from Hukka Xpress Heinäpää

A functioning whole, all the necessary equipment and tools are there, good location, calm and comfortable.

The equipment is of high quality and everything has worked very well. The gym is in clean condition in all respects.

High-quality equipment for various forms of exercise.

The space has been used wisely, good choices have been made!