Hukka Xpress, your gym for just €22/month

With 40 years of experience, Health Club Hukka is familiar with the diverse needs of the active people of Oulu. That is why we like to offer our members a wide range of services: group fitness classes, indoor cycling, indoor courts for games, gyms, a cafe, courses, events for members, massage, beauty treatments, the Hukka recommends! bonus system, etc.

We at Hukka are also aware that not everyone wants everything. In fact, many people require one thing and one thing only: a well-equipped and well-maintained gym with 24/7 access and a low membership fee. This is the thinking behind Hukka Xpress. At 22 euros, we offer currently the lowest monthly fee for a 24h gym in Oulu.

 Xpress membership card now also gives you Hukka recommends! -discounts around Oulu city.

“No room for complaints: the interior is well designed and there is a good variety of equipment. Great quality for a reasonable price.”


“It is evident in the premises, equipment and facilities that, true to your style, you did not rush in the opening of the new gym and that you have wanted to provide your customers with a high-class training environment from the get go. Extra points for the cross-fit kettlebells and dumbbells!”


“Having visited many different gyms, I can say that the quality-price ratio here is the best you can find. The gym has everything you need if you want to keep fit or train as an athlete. Like Hukka, this new gym is a real keeper!”


Join now!

If you already are a member of the Sport Centre Hukka, see more here (in Finnish).

Hukka Xpress memberships require the age of 15 years. For persons with 8–15 years we recommend the Sport Centre Hukka’s  HukkaJuniori membership.

All our pay-per-month memberships use the e-invoice system and thus require a Finnish personal number and a valid Finnish ID.

If you don’t have them and want to join, we suggest our prepaid deals.


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