Personal Training

Small group training

See upcoming small group training classes at our gym pages: Hukka Xpress Alppila | Hukka Xpress Rotuaari!

Gym programme

Our trainer creates a personal training programme for the gym tailored to your needs. When creating the programme, the trainer will consider your exercise background, your goals and any factors limiting your ability to exercise. The trainer will go through the programme with you movement by movement to ensure safe and effective training. The price, starting at €78 includes an illustrated training programme and personal instruction in how to perform the movements in a safe and effective way.

The recommended duration for a gym programme is 8–12 weeks, after which you should update your programme.

Individual training

Training Moment

Training Moment is a quick and effective meeting with a trainer tailored to your needs. It is designed to spark your training motivation and provide information on how to optimize your well-being.


Power is an intensive training offering effective guidance towards your personal goals through weekly meetings. This service is for you if you are looking for support, motivation and boost for your training, whether your goal is a permanent change in lifestyle or breaking your current records.

  • Recommended duration 3 months
  • Meetings 4 times / month


Active supports, motivates and guides you towards making exercise a permanent habit. Regular training meetings make sure you lose weight, gain strength and build endurance steadily and in accordance with the best and most recent knowledge. This training is also suitable for more experienced gym goers who wish to continue to receive guidance for their training.

  • Recommended duration: 6 months
  • Meetings 2 times / month


Do you mainly train on your own, but wouldn’t mind some new ideas and someone to motivate you towards even better results or to help maintain your motivation throughout the year? If so, then Maintenance is the service for you! Your trainer will monitor your results, make sure that your training is going somewhere and provide guidance in the setting of new goals.

  • Recommended duration 12 months
  • 1 meeting / month

Choose the trainer you think could be the best fit for you in the list below, and contact them by phone or via email to kickstart your training with the help of a professional!

Mari Kukkonen
tel. +358 40 126 4543

Minja Ikonen
tel. +358 44 521 2964

Laura Kivari
tel. +358 44 558 8331

Salla Käsmä
tel. +358 40 412 0809