Company Membership in Hukka Xpress

If you want to support your staff’s training in gyms with quality to price ratio virtually unrivaled in Europe, we warmly recommend a company contract in Hukka Xpress!

A company contract allows each of your employees to join Hukka Xpress with no joining fee (normally €18) and monthly fee of only €15 (normally €18 per month), when they join with a 12 month plan in 30 days from signing the company contract.

The yearly cost of the company contract is €180, and it’s all that’s needed to give your staff the forementioned benefits. The billing can be arranged via your company or as individual deals with each of your employees, whichever suits your needs.

Interested? Contact or or call +358 8 41522025.

Under the Finnish law, ordinary and reasonable voluntary physical or cultural activities offered by the employer are prescribed as a tax-exempt benefit (946/2008), and therefore you can deduct up to 400 euros per year per employee from any costs accrued. Thus, you can take advantage of this tax benefit and pay for your staff members to attend the gym, the training programmes or both.