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Hukka Xpress Membership Conditions

This membership agreement is made between Hukka Xpress (Hukka Oy) and the person (member) who has accepted the terms by his online payment.

CONDITIONS OF THE AGREEMENT 12 months membership

  1. The membership is accepted when the agreed joining fee, the membership fee of the actual and the next month has been paid and the e-invoice agreement to charge the next monthly membership fees has been made. The member is responsible for making the e-invoice agreement and for receiving it. Hukka Oy reserves the right to cancel the membership agreement for example due to missed payments on credit card.
  2. The membership can be cancelled in writing during the first membership month without the term of notice. The paid joining fee and the membership fee for the actual and the first month will not be refunded.
  3. The monthly fee of the member will be billed either as an e-invoice from his account or as a direct pay every 5th day of the month.
  4. The e-invoice agreement will have to be made in the online bank of the member. The direct pay replacing the monthly e-invoice agreement will have to be made in the own bank office of the client. The member is obliged to take care of making this e-invoice agreement and that he has received e-invoice to his online bank. If the e-invoice for some reason does not come to the online bank, the member must inform the staff of Hukka Xpress about this without any delay.
  5. The agreed membership requires that the normal monthly fee according to the agreement is paid at least on twelve (12) following months, after which the membership continues as a permanent membership without a specific notification. The possible offer periods of the joining campaign may prolong the agreement period. After the membership of 12 months the membership can be cancelled with the term of notice of a month. The term of notice will have to made by the end of the month in writing. We bill then the membership fee for the next month and the membership is still valid for the mentioned month.
  6. If the monthly fee of the member could not be billed as an e-invoice or has not been paid in another way by the due date, Hukka Xpress is entitled to transfer the collecting of the payment elsewhere and possible reminder and collecting fees will be added to the payment.

A membership paid a year in advance

  1. The membership is accepted when the agreed joining fee has been paid and the membership for a year has been totally paid.The possible offer periods of the joining campaign may prolong the 12 months agreement period. The agreement for one year is temporary and the payment in advance paid for it will not be refunded.
  2. After this year of a membership the agreement automatically continues with a new 12 months agreement period, unless the agreement is cancelled at the latest one month earlier before the agreement period ends. For example an agreement ending on. 30.4. has to be cancelled at the latest on 31.3. The term of notice must be made in writing. The agreement ends then when the valid agreement period ends. The customer is responsible for the payments regarding to the card for the whole validity time, also for the cancelling and ending months.

General terms of the membership

  1. Methods of payment
  2. The joining fee of the membership and the fee for the starting fee (the monthly fee for the actual month and for the first month) for the payment for one year membership will be paid at the joining. For memberships paid monthly the payment is a monthly e-invoice or a direct pay and this membership agreement acts as an prenotification about the payment. In a year membership the payment will have to be made as a single pay.
  3. Hukka Xpress can cancel the membership due to unpaid membership fees, possible abuse of the membership or unsuitable behaviour which offends the atmosphere in the Sport Centre.
  4. A person over 15 years can join Hukka Xpress. If the member is under 18, the carer or other payer is always responsible for the payments connected with this person. Because of this we require for the membership agreements made with persons under 18 the signature of the carer. Hukka Xpress -membership will be valid only after the carer /custodian has accepted it.
  5. It is one’s own responsibility that you move on the area of Hukka Xpress. Hukka Xpress is not responsible for person damages, which happen in the Sport Centre during your stay and the member himself is responsible for that he is in that kind of physical and psychical condition that he can use the services of the Centre.
  6. Hukka Xpress is not responsible for the personal property of the members.
  7. Hukka Xpress reserves the right for the price changes.
  8. Hukka Xpress membership or right to use it can´t be transferred to another person. Principally there is no possibility for a pause in the membership. Yet, the pause is possible due to pregnancy, military service and severe illness in the way that pausing period is refunded in the membership period after the first 12 months of membership has been paid. This pause is refunded for the full months against a written document.
  9. The first membership card is free for the members. For the second and the following ones we bill 5 euros/card.
  10. The member accepts that his credit card details are checked at the joining.
  11. The membership card is personal and you have to carry it when visiting the gym. You’re obliged to show your membership card upon request. The owner of the card is responsible for the right preservation and use of it. The validity time is limited and the card has to be renewed after its validity ends for the price settled on our price list. Only the person who carries this card may access the gym. It is not allowed to give this card to any other person. In the case of possible abuse of the card Sport Centre Hukka has the right to collect the fine of 250 € from the customer and possible other expenses and costs.
  12. After having made a monthly e-invoice/direct pay agreement the customer is obliged to register the introduction of the e-invoice/direct pay within 5 days after the agreement was made. This can be performed at the online bank/bank.
  13. Hukka Xpress membership fee is discharged every 5th of the month as an e-invoice/direct pay from the account of the customer/account. If the dischargeable account does not have funds on the discharging day, the provider will discharge a collection fee of 5 €. The customer is responsible for paying the monthly fees, if the discharging for any reason is not performed from the account of the customer/owner of the account.
  14. The handling fee of the paper bill is for the time being 5 €/bill, the penalty interest of all bills is at the moment 7,5 %. The penalty interest is determined by the interest law. Reminder/collection bills come from Cash-In collection and reminder services.
  15. The customer is committed to notify the changes in contact and billing details in writing. If false contact details cause collection or handling fees or other collection costs, the member is responsible for paying them.
  16. The member alone is responsible for his health condition which either allows him to use the services of Hukka Xpress or then may force him not to visit the gym.
  17. Hukka Xpress is mainly meant for training and the member is not allowed to disturb the training of other members. Every member will have to obey the instructions of the gym and the manuals of the device given in writing or in person. If these regulations are not followed, Hukka has the right to limit the time the member may stay in the Sport Centre, order a break in the membership or totally remove the right of use the gym. When the right of using the Sport Centre and gym is stopped meaning the membership is cancelled, the term of notice of one month is used and the customer is obliged to pay the membership fee for this period.

Payments with Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard:

If you would like to pay with Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard, Hukka Oy only acts as a marketer of the products and services and in addition delivers the products to the purchaser. Paytrail Oy is responsible for the reclamations.

Paytrail Oy acts in the payments paid with Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard as a vendor of a product and a transaction is formed between the customer and Paytrail Oy. The vendor is responsible for all the duties regarding this transaction.
Paytrail Oy is also the recipient of the payment.

Paytrail Oy, business code: 2122839-7
Ohjelmakaari 10
Tel. +358 207 181830

Online banking

Payment and financing services connected with online banking are performed by Paytrail Oy (2122839-7) in cooperation with the Finnish banks and credit institutes. Paytrail Oy buys the payment and discharges it to the vendor. For the user the service is similar to the online banking.

Instructions for e-invoicing:

Hukka Xpress uses e-invoice for the discharging of the monthly membership fees. In order to subscribe an e-invoice membership with us you need to have a Finnish personal number and a valid Finnish ID. This is how to introduce the e-invoicing:

  1. Please switch on the e-invoice on your online bank by choosing Hukka Oy from the biller list.
  2. See your customer number in your membership card (customer code) and press “enter” to place it on the asked place.
  3. Please choose ”Payment automatically monthly from the account” and you will receive a monthly notification from the payment before due day to your online bank. If you don´t use the service for the automatic payment, you will have to confirm your e-invoice every month when you receive it on your online bank.
  4. If your account is discharged for the membership fees for more than one person, you will have to repeat this and enter the customer number of the other person to the right place. If the agreement of the e-invoicing has not been made or the payment has not been confirmed, Hukka has the right to transfer the collection of the payment elsewhere and possible collection fees will be added to the payment.

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