Good news Hukka Xpress member! We received promising news about administrative law. The fact that gyms belong to the lowest risk group in terms of infections has finally been identified in terms of restriction regulations, and we get to open our doors! However, the decision currently only concerns tomorrow, the  31st december. So we welcome You, our member,  to the last workouts of the year at Hukka Xpress!

Hukka Xpress Heinäpää, Alppila and Rotuaari will serve tomorrow, 31 December 2021, until 24.00. Please note that the changing rooms in the Xpress centers are closed.

We would also like to remind you that the corona situation in our region is still serious. We recommend avoiding all close contacts, maintaining good hand hygiene and wearing a mask when you’re not training. Please come only if you are completely healthy.

We are constantly monitoring the situation to find out how we are dealing with the closure order from 1 January to 15 January 2022. It is still not official whether we will be able to keep the centers open. Let’s hope for the best!

We will tell more as soon as we get official information on the possible changes in the restrictions in our area.